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Just wanted to thank Raewyn and Sunita for the classes  made accessible online.  I really enjoy them, and they encourage me to do more practice.  I would be willing to pay to attend these classes if you can continue them.
I can imagine what must go on behind the scenes in getting these classes up and going.
Thank you again and I hope the classes continue.

Greatly appreciated, Dale

Excellent class, as usual Raewyn, thanks. Could see, hear and understand all clearly. An HDMI cable from the laptop to the television made it really easy to see. The cable was bought from a local electrical store. The yoga classes are all proceeding brilliantly.


Another great practice thanks Raewyn. Very clear & well paced – appreciated. See u next thurs x????.


Yoga is now very much part of my daily life and I really look forward to my yoga classes because; both the teachers are dedicated and motivational, I love to learn how to clear my mind and how to breathe correctly, it teaches me to relax, and as I age, it really helps with my flexibility.


I love the way Raewyn immerses us in the whole yoga experience: breathing and precepts as well as the poses. 


Both Raewyn and Jo espouse the "essence" of the Yoga philosophy in that they both seem to carry the philosophy beyond the classroom and into everyday life, a true measure of the power of Yoga.


I shuffled in to Beecroft Yoga to meet the lovely Raewyn about five years ago. I had all the classic signs of a sedentary work body.... basically stiff, stressed and sore. But, softly, over time, Raewyn has worked her magic and surprisingly the other day a lovely man in my life described my walk as "athletic". Athletic ? Me ? Never. I took the compliment, but I knew... it was all Raewyn's work.

All the very best , Jann

I thought I might not enjoy the Zoom classes so much but am gradually getting used to them & really enjoying them.

Raewyn and Sunita have done so well to get this all up and running. I am sure we all appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

You’re a star, Kathy

Loved today’s zoom class Raewyn, thank you. Feeling 9/10 now, and yesterday was a 3/10, so yoga definitely helps.

Best wishes, Lara ????

Hi Raewyn & Sunita, Just wanted to say thank you so much again for running these classes via Zoom – it is providing much needed structure to my week whilst working from home & is one of the only ways to really switch off from the world! I really enjoyed the sun salutation this morning Sunita, I have done it before but I preferred the gentle version today as I have an injury from running at the moment! I wear a sports watch which records yoga activities – I thought you might be interested in the effect that yoga has on your heart rate so I attached screenshots of my heart rate from both your classes on 22nd April & 24 April this week – as you can see it goes up with the more vigorous poses & then comes down to almost 40 BPM – yoga is pretty much the only activity that can chill anyone out like this in such a short space of time! ????‍♀️


Raewyn, I would be very pleased to write an ‘essay’ on how yoga and your teaching has become the stabilising force in my ageing life. Myself, as someone in their 70s, feel it is important to get across to students how careful you are in watching and accessing peoples abilities and what they can and shouldn't do. Older women get scared about tackling yoga for the first time.


My body has a lot of inherited quirks which means it's either "use it or lose it". Raewyn is very conscious of protecting while strengthening our bodies. Over the 5 years I've been in Raewyn's class she's helped me find ways to do the poses around any of my quirks while improving my flexibility. My body thanks you Raewyn.

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