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We run regular classes at times that are convenient for busy people.  Early morning classes so you will feel invigorated and ready to face the day.  Your muscles stretched and your body alive. If you do not have time during day then, the class on Thursday evenings is for you.  Relax after your busy day and sleep well that evening.  Yoga is fantastic to help with insomnia.  You can learn to breathe to help you sleep. Classes are an hour and a quarter long and run during the school term. Please come a few minutes early to settle into the class because we like to begin on time. Classes are for all abilities and you will be made very welcome.

Face to Face  from 22nd July - Wednesdays

All classes on time table are also available as Live Zoom Class

Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.45am Sunita 7.45am Raewyn
9.15am Sunita (Gentle Class) 9.15am Raewyn (Gentle Class)
6.30pm Raewyn
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Zoom class:

$200 for 10 class Pass valid for 3 months

Face to Face:

$230 for Term 3, (10 Week Term) 

For Yoga class you can pay by direct deposit.

Contact Raewyn on 0438 679 056 or raewyntwynham@gmail.com 

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